AcademicsThe HIM Trifecta Effect: American Business with Swiss Hospitality in an International Setting

With this unique combination Hotel Institute Montreux graduates are true triple threats in the workforce.

What are the opportunities for strong hospitality graduates with an international outlook, astute business acumen and strong people skills? Practically anything they want!

After 5 years as Academic Director of Hotel Institute Montreux, I have seen firsthand how our unique education model provides an incredibly strong foundation for our ambitious graduates.

Our students have followed amazing career paths and here are the 3 factors that I believe are helping set our graduates apart from the rest:

  1. American Business Education: Our business degree is awarded by Northwood University. This American approach in business education is based on developing the future leaders of a global, free enterprise society. We encourage ambition and success in the business world centered with integrity and values.
  2. Swiss Hospitality: The art of hospitality has deep roots in Switzerland with a reputation of excellence extending far and wide. Based on Swiss hospitality traditions, our students learn the value of immaculate precision, discrete discipline and dependable quality – skills that serve them across sectors in the workforce.
  3. Global Learning Environment: HIM has created a safe learning environment that encourages our students to explore new perspectives while giving their own opinions without feeling judged. With exposure to different cultures in the classroom and opportunities to undertake internships around the world, HIM students graduate as true global citizens with the confidence and experience needed to flourish in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

It is a privilege to be a part of HIM students' hospitality journey!

Ulrika Björklund is Academic Director at Hotel Institute Montreux

Ulrika Björklund is Academic Director at Hotel Institute Montreux

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