AlumniBringing the hospitality touch to Human Resources

Hospitality graduate brings expertise to Human Resources role to Gstaad Palace, one of Switzerland’s more luxurious hotels in Switzerland.

After a recent promotion, Carolin Bartel is now working as the Human Resources Manager for Gstaad Palace. In her interview, Carolin shares how she brings the hospitality touch to her new role.

The Human Resources Department of a company helps set the overall tone of a company. How do you personally handle this responsibility?

I have seen in past positions when employees are afraid to approach the HR Department and how this affects the entire company culture.

It’s very important to me that employees feel they can talk to us anytime – even about their families and home life so we can help work together to support our staff in the best way we can.

And this message comes from the top – our Owner/General Manager has expressed how important it is for our staff to feel open and safe with our team.

What do you believe makes a Human Resources team exceptional?

Just like in hospitality, paying attention to the finer details helps to make an HR Department great at what they do. We take the approach of happy employee = a happy customer. Everything we do on a daily basis works towards that.

What are 3 key soft skills you look for in all recruitment profiles?

Multiple languages is a must for us. Even though we are in German speaking Switzerland, the language of the hotel is French.

2.Passion for people:
The personality of the person is very important. It’s important that they have a positive attitude and genuinely like working with people.

3.Trust, respect, loyalty, tradition, pride, dedication and togetherness:
We are always thinking about building our family when we hire a new person. One of our staff members has been with us for 44 years. This is a good example of how we treat each other and what we expect from each other.

Would you hire a student from Hotel Institute Montreux? Why?

I would totally hire a student from Hotel Institute Montreux! HIM students are in general very good at presenting themselves and are almost always fluent in multiple languages.

Carolin Bartel Human Resources Manager for Gstaad Palace

Carolin Bartel at The Freddie Mercury Hotel in Montreux

But the stand out for me is they bring real world work experience even from graduation thanks to the mandatory internship component of their studies.

What advice would you give to someone starting a brand new job?

I would encourage a new employer to work towards gaining the trust of their supervisor and colleagues and to establish positive relationships inside and outside of your own department.

And of course be yourself, this will create a healthy foundation for your future with the company.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

Carolin Bartel graduated in 2011 with a BBA Degree (Dual Major) in Business Management & Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management from Hotel Institute Montreux and in 2010 with a Diploma in International Hospitality & Event Management from SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School

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