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FacultyFaculty Friday: Meet Antoine Casanova - Mazet

Antoine Casanova-Mazet shares how he has learned to apply his skill of breaking down complex concepts to all he does, and how he has adapted to teaching online (with a little help from his four-legged friend).

Antoine Casanova-Mazet joined Hotel Institute Monteux in 2019. He teaches Digital Marketing and Management of Information Technologies. The agency which he established in 2010 helps clients adapt to digital change through a 360° approach.

One man, mutliple hats 

I see myself as someone with three jobs: public relations manager, digital entrepreneur, and a father. I like making complex things simpler, whether it’s writing a press release so that investors understand, describing a complex topic, or explaining things to my children for them to understand.

A communications officer's job is to ensure your audience understands the message and connects with it. This is only achieved when you get to know and understand your audience, and speak in a way that they can fully grasp. 

My transition to teaching students here at Hotel Institute Montreux was smooth because of the quality of students and my continuous desire to learn - I see teaching as learning too and I love to teach.


Teaching in the age of COVID-19

I have found teaching from home both challenging and exciting. Challenging because it is a new way of interacting with my students, which is new to most teachers, but also for the students too. We have had to adapt to change, new methods, and processes, which took some time.

It was exciting on the other hand because I felt this generation of young minds adapted so quickly during the first lockdown, embracing change. We thought and learned from each other, finding new learning approaches and tools daily to improve engagement and the overall experience. The added bonus was I had my dog with me during the class sessions which was always a highlight for the students. 

If I could give students a piece of advice, I’d ask them to look up the word ‘acceptance’ (thank you Claire Jollain). In challenging times, focus on the things that matter and not on the things you can’t change.


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