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Our hospitality students benefit from partnerships with industry leaders including Edmond de Rothschild, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Montreux Jazz Festival, John Paul and Hublot.

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MIB in Hospitality Management:
Hospitality management and business skills alongside a specialization in Finance, Human Resources or Luxury Marketing and Business Management.

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Hotel school in Switzerland, Hotel Institute Montreux is right in the heart of Europe! Combine your business studies and travels to european capital cities.

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Swiss hotel school graduates will benefit, from day one at school and after graduation, from a multitude of advantages such as professional network, exclusive job offers and much more...

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Student LifeGrasshopper skewers & Insect burgers: Sustainable edibles served up in class

Homegrown in Switzerland, Essento is a fresh new start up producing insects for consumption.

Entrepreneur Timothée Olivier presented his bug delicacies to Hotel Institute Montreux students and shared how his business became the first company to sell insect food to COOP, one of the biggest supermarkets in Switzerland.

The future of food has arrived.

Essento is a fresh new start up producing insects for consumption

How has the Swiss market received the insect products?
So far very good. There has been a lot of demand and it’s been a challenge to keep the supply up. A good problem to have!

What is your favourite insect dish?
I love the Grasshopper Skewers.

What advice do you have for hesitating entrepreneurs with innovative ideas?
Believe in your idea and your product. It’s important to listen to customer feedback, but at the same time not be too influenced by it.

Insect receipe

What is Essento’s recipe for success?
We believe in strong team work and always try to stay close with our customers in order to maintain a good relationship with the market.

What are your products currently on the market?
Essento Insect Burgers
Essento Insect Balls
Essento Grasshoppers skewers

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