Student LifeHIM Students Make a Growing Difference in Zimbabwe Children’s Village

Thanks to the initiative and generosity of HIM students, orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe now have improved living conditions.

Back in 2014, HIM students organized CultureAid night and raised 2,500 CHF for the Zimbabwe based Mpangara Trees who used the money to plant 150 drought tolerant Acacia trees and 4 Palm trees to improve the environment and the lives of the children at St. Marcellin’s Children’s Village in Harare, Zimbabwe. Six years on, HIM students are still donating to the charity and helping to improve the lives of children in Zimbabwe by raising funds though school events.

Mr. McDonald, the school’s founder, has discussed three ways that funds raised by Hotel Institute Montreux in 2019/2020 will be helping the Village this year.





Norman McDonald - Founder of St Marcellin Children's Village and primary school in Zimbabwe


1.   The Swiss Ambassador recently agreed to help us with a unique idea for fish farming. The tank is inside a greenhouse so as to enable us to control the temperatures in winter and summer thus increasing the yield in a relatively small space. The tank will hold + 3,000 fish!
2.  We are looking for help to install a solar system to run the pumps and a chest freezer we acquired for freezing the fish due to the constant electricity cuts in Zimbabwe
3. The trees planted from the last project are still doing well!



Hospitality students Zimbabwe
Hospitality students Zimbabwe


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