Student LifeHIM Spring Graduation Insta Round-Up

A graduation with great weather calls for great Instagram photos. Let’s check them out!

Our graduates have all come a long way. Great job surviving the training!
Translation: The training is over!!!!

Through studies full of joy and hard work, we forge friendships that are rock solid…

…and friendships so wonderful that words cannot them justice…

…as well as some adorable couples. Wishing them happily ever after!

Graduating on a remarkably beautiful day, what better way to celebrate than to strike a pose?

Very proud families and friends (and rightfully so!).

Our students are never alone being thousands of miles away from home, as they bond and build a family of their own here…

…families that are fun and playful!

Once again, congratulations to all of our graduates! We wish you all the best from Montreux and hope you’ll come back to visit us soon!

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