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Johanna’s passion for hotels has been there her whole life, by studying hospitality she has taken a giant leap forward in pursuing her dream.

Why did you choose to study hospitality?

Although I grew up in the Southern region of Sweden, I often had the opportunity to go with my father on business trips to Stockholm as a kid. He always stayed in the same hotel and therefore we got to know the staff that worked there. I remember that I would often help by sitting at the front desk, open doors for guests and other small duties. I loved it!

During my childhood, we traveled a lot and I love discovering new cultures and meeting new people. There is so much about the hotel industry that suits me perfectly.

What is your impression of the education program so far at Hotel Institute Montreux?

It’s great fun! I get to know people from all over the world, I find the teachers very knowledgeable and our lessons are super exciting. I feel that we already have a good understanding of how a hotel is run.

Swedish Student in Hotel Institute Montreux Switzerland

Where was your first internship?

I worked with Castello di Casole, a five-star luxury hotel in Tuscany, Italy. They have been ranked the best resort in Europe for 5 years in a row by Travel + Leisure. I worked 4 months in the front office and 2 months with concierge services. The beauty of the hotel and location was amazing and it was a lot of fun to work in a new culture.

What was your biggest challenge on internship?

Culture differences! In Scandinavia, we pride ourselves on being on time and organized. In Italy, it’s not quite the same!

It was a good lesson to remind myself to take a step back and keep in mind that different cultures have different ways of working.

What is your dream for your future career?

My dream is to run my own hotel! After graduation, I want to gain experience in PR, Sales and Marketing in a 5-star hotel setting then eventually start my own hotel somewhere in Scandinavia or Europe.

I am passionate about yoga, meditation and wellness, and my ultimate dream would be to open a yoga resort!

Career Start in Hospitality

What is your advice for other students interested in studying hospitality in Switzerland?

Go for it! hotel schools in Switzerland are the most famous in the world so it’s easy to get jobs in the future, it’s a great education and a lot of fun! If you are interested in learning more, my advice is to attend an Open House with Swiss Education Group. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit the different schools, meet the teachers and students and get your questions answered.

Bachelor in Business Administration

Johanna Jensen-Carlén is undergoing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Hotel Institute Montreux

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