Meet the faculty

Get to know your teachers and their areas of expertise! All of our teachers are trained educators as well as having extensive industry experience.

Ulrika Björkland
  • Ulrika Björkland
  • Academic Director
  • Ulrika Björklund holds a Master’s degree in Education from University of Derby. She joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2009 as Programme Leader, before taking up the position of Assistant Dean in 2011, and her current position in 2012. She has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, managing hotels and resorts in Europe, United States, and the Caribbean.
Claire Jollain
  • Claire Jollain
  • Assistant Dean
  • Claire Jollain holds a Master’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Marketing. She has extensive experience in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, and has proved her leadership skills across different industries, from the automotive sector to the luxury industry. She joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2018.
Michael Heinrich
  • Michael Heinrich
  • Programme Leader Hotel Operations Management
  • Michael Heinrich joined Hotel Institute Montreux as a lecturer in 2007 and became Programme Head for Languages in 2011. He was promoted to his current position in 2014. He has extensive managerial experience in the Swiss hotel industry. Michael holds a Postgraduate certificate in Education and is a member of the Amicale Internationale des Chefs de Réception (AICR).
Antoine Casanova-Mazet
  • Antoine Casanova-Mazet
  • Lecturer
  • Antoine Casanova-Mazet studied Science and Communication in Switzerland and joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2019. He is also a digital entrepreneur, with his career rooted in communication and digital transformation. Through the agency which he established in 2010, he helps clients adapt to digital change through a 360° approach.
Ruby Bakshi Khurdi
  • Ruby Bakshi Khurdi
  • Lecturer
  • Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an award-winning innovative educationist, TEDx speaker, emotional intelligence expert, and acclaimed international keynote speaker. She joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2018 and her teaching style focuses on gamification, team-building, and perceptual learning. She is pursuing her Postgraduate certificate in Higher Education and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration.
Peter Slade
  • Peter Slade
  • Lecturer
  • Peter Slade joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2014 after more than two decades in the hospitality industry. He specialized in developing new concepts in food and beverage and has assisted in the opening and development of more than 25 five-star properties around the world. He has his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Derby.