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A vibrant community

Students representing students

The aim of the Student Ambassador Forum is to represent the entire student body. The committee strives to offer students a diverse, unique and unforgettable college experience by:

  • Developing the student activities calendar every term
  • Organising extracurricular activities
  • Helping students solve community and personal problems
  • Promoting a positive, tolerant and multicultural school environment

Social activities provide you with the opportunity to get to know your fellow students away from the campus environment and can often help develop your professional knowledge. Here are a few examples of events and excursions traditionally organised by the Student Ambassador Forum:

  • Weekly theme nights
  • Parties at the Student Club
  • Cinema
  • Baking Competitions 
  • Industry trade shows and fairs (e.g. Gastronomia and Vinea)
  • Visits to famous cities in Switzerland and beyond


Joining a sports team helps to create lasting friendships, develop team-spirit skills and keep a good level of fitness! Besides the sport facilities available on campus, the Student Activities Coordinator and the Student Ambassador Forum organise sporting activities throughout the year, such as:

  • Ski trips to nearby world-class ski resorts with ski instructors if needed
  • Snowshoe trips in the winter
  • Sports days where all campuses get together and compete in a variety of sports, with cheerleader teams from every campus
  • Paintball, bungee jumping, and many other fun activities