Activities & Events

Working hard and playing hard!

Activities & Events

In our school, learning continues beyond the classroom walls. There are excellent opportunities to participate in social and sporting activities throughout Switzerland and Europe. The Student Ambassador Forum organizes multiple events including ski trips, excursions around Switzerland, sports days and themed nights. 

Student Ambassador Forum

The aim of the Student Ambassador Forum is to represent the entire student body. The committee strives to offer students a diverse, unique and unforgettable college experience by:

  • Developing the student activities calendar every semester

  • Organising extracurricular activities

  • Helping students solve communal and personal problems

  • Promoting a positive, tolerant and multicultural school environment


Sports & Leisure

Sports and social activities provide an important balance to academic study. Access to a professional gym is free, or you can go swimming, be part of a sports team and play tennis, beach volleyball or football, or simply enjoy your individual hobbies and interests.

The sports and leisure coordinator organizes, in cooperation with the Student Ambassador Forum, a wide range of activities such as:

  • Swiss Education Group sports day
  • Barbecues
  • In-house parties
  • Excursion to Switzerland’s capital city Bern
  • Olympic Museum in Lausanne
  • Chillon Castle
  • Wine tasting trip
  • Industry trade fairs

The aim of the Student Ambassador Forum is to represent the student body to the school’s management in order to promote and improve the quality of all areas of student life.


Master Classes

Master Class workshops are held throughout the year for interested students to meet with experts in their field. Workshops are interactive with most including some practical experience. Some examples of Master Classes are:

  • Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Cigar Appreciation
  • Champagne Knowledge
  • Whiskey Tasting



During term four of the Bachelor program, you will have a project which involves organizing and hosting a banquet for 80 guests on the school premises. Students are motivated, the team spirit between them is strong and the banquets are spectacular


Cultural Night

Hotel Institute Montreux hosts a cultural night twice a year, an event shared with students, staff and invited VIPs. The different cultural groups present on campus demonstrate their culinary and artistic values and talents.