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To succeed in the digital world you need to always be looking for the next big trend.

Aline Borgazzi graduated from Hotel Institute Montreux from the Marketing Specialization Program in 2015. 3 years later she has returned to her alma mater to give a guest Lecture as a Digital Marketing Executive with IHG to share with our students how to become successful in the Digital World as a hospitality graduate.

You took the day off of work to give a guest lecture (thank you!). Why was this important for you?

I wouldn’t be in the professional position I am today if it wasn’t for Hotel Institute Montreux! Giving a guest lecture is something that I can do to give back – finally. I know that when I was a student, I would’ve loved for more opportunities to speak with and learn from alumni and I understand the importance of having someone directly from the industry in your classroom. Plus I love my job and talking about it- it’s a win/win for me!

How did Hotel Institute Montreux help set you up for success?

I remember clearly having no idea what I wanted to do professionally before I arrived in Switzerland. Hotel Institute Montreux helped give me a career path and the confidence and experience I needed to follow it.

Digital Marketing Hotel Montreux Institute

Hotel Institute Montreux is extremely powerful because it opens up jobs in hospitality and beyond. I chose HIM because at its core it is a business school.

Where are you working today?

I am a Digital Marketing Executive for the hotel InterContinental Genève. The position covers 4 hotels of the brand across Switzerland. I am responsible for managing the Social Media accounts, creating content for the different pages, monitoring websites and generating newsletters.

After changing jobs, what have you learned about career progression?

I am always looking for a job that brings me more – more opportunities to be creative and more opportunities to learn.

I know it’s time to move on to my next professional challenge when I feel that I’ve reached the limits of what I can learn.

What advice do you have for a recent graduate who is interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing?

The most important thing you can do in an interview is show a willingness to learn. The world of Digital moves extremely fast. There is a new app, website, tool popping up every single day - so you need to stay aware and show that you are willing to adapt.

Which teacher do you remember the most from HIM and why?

I would say Mr. Jordan because of the single sentence he would always start his class with “So what’s new today in this world?”. No way we could come to his class without knowing what was going on. I am reminded of this today when I see the new trends and technologies popping up. Reading, staying alert and being curious are important traits to ensure you are always learning and will help keep you on track.

Bachelor in Business and Administration with a Marketing Specialization

Aline graduated in 2015 from Hotel Institute Montreux with a Bachelor in Business and Administration with a Marketing Specialization

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