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An education for tomorrow’s world

As a business school with a hospitality focus, we know the importance of human connection. We teach our diverse student body key industry and human-centric skills, combined with real world-placements and global partnerships to create leaders of the future

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Our learning platform

The business of people

Hospitality lives where people connect. As a business school with a Swiss hospitality legacy, our three learning pillars are designed to prepare students for lifelong success.

Empower your soft skills

A team-focused atmosphere provides students with the cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills needed to succeed anywhere people come together.

Immerse yourself in the real world

Prestigious partnerships and placements ensure students are world ready by sharpening their business, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in real-world environments.

Be professional at all times

With an emphasis on cultural and social responsibility, adaptability, and empathy, HIM students are prepared to anticipate customer needs and motivations — essential skills for any business environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Start your journey and unlock your potential

HIM student Bachelor of Business administration

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management or Management

3 yearsFull time

Wherever there are consumers, there’s a need for hospitality; therefore, when it comes to career opportunities, this three-year degree in hospitality business management, awarded in partnership with Northwood University (US), unlocks endless possibilities. Tailor your study experience by choosing from our range of specializations endorsed by and created with industry leaders.

studying abroad in switzerland

Study abroad

11-22 WeeksFull time

At HIM Business School, we understand the power of international exposure and comprehensive learning. Our study abroad program isn’t just about textbooks and lectures; it’s a transformative adventure that equips you with a diverse set of skills and benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.

Our campus

Historic location. Future thinking

Our campus is located in naturally stunning and culturally vibrant downtown Montreux, surrounded by serene views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. Spread between two buildings, the entire community is within walking distance, creating the close-knit connections and sense of belonging that are at the heart of HIM.


Stories from our community

We have built a global community of students, faculty, and alumni that shape the core of who we are. Our community comes from a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. This is our community and these are their stories.

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Our partners

Connected to the people that matter

Our strong bonds with both industry partners and global alumni keep us on the cutting-edge of insight and innovation. These relationships shape our curriculum, inspire our students to succeed, and provide access to real-world experience through a range of placements and partnerships with prestigious global brands.



Our Faculty

Our world-class faculty provide both a breadth of talent and a depth of experience. While they come from many countries and industry backgrounds, they share a passion for their subject, a commitment to academic rigour, and an open-minded approach to the fast-changing world.

Our faculty put people first: teaching human-centric skills through experiential learning, emphasising the importance of customer relations, and supporting student development in both individual and team settings

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