HIM Climbs in QS Rankings: A Testament to a New Model of Business Education

HIM Climbs in QS Rankings: A Testament to a New Model of Business Education

HIM validates its place as a top hospitality business school, climbing the ranks through a customer-centric approach to business.

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By Swiss Education Group

QS Ranking 2024


HIM is proud to announce its rise to the 6th best school in its class in the 2024 QS World University Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure Management, marking a significant achievement that underscores our commitment to providing a cutting-edge blend of business education with an emphasis on hospitality. Dean Claire Jollain shares her excitement:

This advancement in rank not only certifies HIM excellence, it also celebrates our educational approach and recent strategic shift towards a more business-oriented curriculum, focusing on customer-centric business models.

Our unique curriculum and positioning are what makes HIM stand out among hospitality schools. HIM embraces the core of hospitality eduction and values, and applies it to the fundamentals of business creating a customer centric approach to business. From the rigor of personal presentation to the finesse required in managing clients, these core values of hospitality differentiate the education HIM students receive and also differentiate HIM alumni among other BBA graduates.

The consistent excellence in our academic and employer reputation is another major factor that propelled us forward, reaffirming our position among the world's elite hospitality management schools. Our journey from entering the top ten in 2021 to our current standing as the 6th best in the world is a testament to the relentless dedication and quality that define HIM.


Why HIM Stands Out: A Closer Look

Valued by Employers Globally

Our students are prepared to excel from the moment they enter the workforce, thanks to a comprehensive Swiss model that marries theoretical knowledge with practical application. Our dynamic industry partnerships and a robust network of successful alumni bring invaluable real-world perspectives into our classrooms. Dean Jollain emphasizes, "Our collaboration with industry leaders ensures our curriculum is responsive to the latest trends and challenges, all combine to make our students ‘be world ready’ with a keen understanding of what awaits them in their professional journeys."

Specialized Foci on Luxury and Wealth Management

Understanding the nuanced demands of the luxury market, HIM places a significant emphasis on luxury brand and wealth management. These specializations are designed for students aiming to carve out careers within the exclusive realms of the luxury business sector. By developing core principles of luxury brand dynamics and advanced financial strategies, our curriculum equips students with the unique skills and insights required to excel in this competitive industry. "Our commitment to offering a tailored educational experience in luxury brand and wealth management sets our students on a path to leadership in the luxury market," emphasizes Dean Jollain.

A Strong Academic Foundation

Our partnership with Northwood University in the USA underscores our commitment to academic excellence and a business-oriented perspective in hospitality education. Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), this collaboration elevates our academic credentials. It allows options from a BBA with a specialization to dual bachelor's degrees with a minor, which enriches our students' learning experience and choices. "Our academic rigor, industry connections, real-world work experience, and multi-dimensional degree options open up unparalleled career avenues for our students," states Dean Jollain.

Always on the Cutting Edge

At HIM, we're driven by a vision that looks beyond today, constantly innovating to shape the future of hospitality and business education. Our curriculum is agile, incorporating emerging trends like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and sustainability that shape customer experience. "We aim to future-proof our students, equipping them with insights into emerging markets, the creation of new industry roles, and the technological advancements shaping our world," Dean Jollain shares.

A Community Like No Other

The strength of our community is integral to our success. The close-knit environment at HIM, characterized by personalized interactions with faculty and industry experts, fosters a strong sense of belonging and a supportive network. "Our boutique approach cultivates an environment where every voice is valued, encouraging dialogue, inquiry, and the forging of enduring relationships that extend beyond the academic sphere," explains Dean Jollain.

Our institution's consistent improvement and success are rooted in our solid academic reputation, innovative approach to education, and the nurturing community we've cultivated.

This rank elevation is not just a number but a reflection of HIM's strategic decision to reposition itself more firmly as a business-focused institution, emphasizing a customer-centric approach. It validates the forward-thinking direction we've embarked upon, merging the essence of hospitality with the focus and objectives of a business education to sculpt world-ready leaders who are prepared to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to leading the way in customer-centric business while fostering a community that supports and drives each student toward excellence.

Regarding the QS Rankings

The QS World University Rankings are designed to provide independent quality assurance to the millions of students, parents, academics, and policymakers who seek to ensure that their educational, career, and strategic choices are data-driven.

You can find the full rankings for 2024 on the QS Ranking website
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By Swiss Education Group