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Transfer to a globally top-ranked business school

HIM is a top business school with a legacy in hospitality. If you aspire to become a future leader, join us for the next phase in your academic journey, and get set for success in tomorrow’s world. 

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Why transfer to HIM?

  1. By transferring your credits to our top-ranked school, you will benefit from a world-class business education, taught by highly-qualified faculty who deliver a personalized approach for each student.
  2. You will love Swiss hospitality! Our campuses are within walking distance of each other and located in a beautiful part of the country which is culturally vibrant and stunningly scenic.
  3. Joining us means access to a wealth of career and other opportunities via our powerful network of 25,000 alumni.
  4. We offer enriching,immersive experiences for students through high-quality industry partnerships with top global companies.
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How it works

The transfer process is simple. Students who have completed compatible vocational or university courses can continue their academic journey here through direct entry or credit transfer.

How to apply

To apply for direct entry and credit transfer into your program of choice, you will need to provide the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should highlight your academic achievements, work experience, and other relevant information.


Your transcripts are required to provide us with a record of your academic achievements in previous courses or degrees. 

Course Syllabus

Your course syllabus should provide a detailed overview of the courses you have completed, including the topics covered and the assignments completed.

Professional Experience (not mandatory)

If you have any relevant professional experience in the hospitality industry, it should be noted in your CV. Additional documentation, if applicable, can be included with your application.

Once you have gathered the requested documents, our admissions team will be happy to assist you throughout the application process and answer any questions you may have.


Your finances should not hold you back from gaining a world-class education and a promising future. We offer academic scholarships to eligible students to help make the transfer process as smooth as possible. These scholarships are designed to recognize and reward academic excellence and financially support those who need it.

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