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IndustryDu Rhone Chocolatier challenges students to think outside the box

As part of a 10 week project, our students worked together with Du Rhône Chocolatier learning the business side of the Swiss chocolate industry.

Du Rhône is one of Geneva’s oldest chocolatiers located on the prestigious Rue de Rhône offering hand-made Swiss chocolates in a luxurious setting.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Frederico Marangoni looked to the students of the HIM Luxury Specialization to pitch a Chocolate Academy concept to engage customers around the world. For 10 weeks, our students had full access to the products, attended multiple site visits to the chocolatier and production site in Geneva and worked directly with the CEO.

To have insights directly from students learning in the field is incredibly valuable for us. The students were very dedicated and I believe got an out of the box perspective of the chocolate industry
Frederico Marangoni, CEO of Du Rhône Chocolatier

Rhone Chocolatier at Hotel Institute Montreux

On Week 11, the students presented their conclusions and reports in the form of an oral defense to Mr Marangoni and were graded on this as part of their final exam.

This project was an example of a true Swiss educational experience where students not only learned about fine chocolate making but were able to understand and implement a real-world professional Business plan.
Bruno Dard, Hotel Institute Montreux Lecturer

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