Discover New Opportunities: Expanding My Horizons in Qatar

Discover New Opportunities: Expanding My Horizons in Qatar


SchoolHotel Institute Montreux

ProgramBachelor of Business Administration (Human capital specialization)



Rebecca Weihs student HR internship in Qatar

Where are you going for your internship?

Hilton the Pearl & Residences in Doha, Qatar.


How did you find your internship?  

Marie, my career coach at HIM, helped me.


What inspired you to choose this position?

I was excited about going to a new country that I had never visited before. Qatar is booming at the moment and the culture is completely different than what I am used to back in Sweden. I’m so excited to broaden my perspectives even further! 

The Football World Cup in Qatar definitely spiked my interest as well. There was also an opportunity for me to cross-train in Front Office and the HR department, which is an amazing opportunity since I chose the HR specialization.


What do you hope to learn?

I hope to grow more as a person, experience a new city, country, and culture. Perhaps even pick up some Arabic!
I also hope to gain valuable experience working for a world famous hotel brand and working in the HR department.

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