Language: the bridge to the world

Language: the bridge to the world


PositionData annotation specialist, Microsoft

SchoolHotel Institute Montreux

ProgramBachelor of Business Administration



Michael Wu studied at HIM and share his language tips

How did you improve your language skills as a student at HIM?

Thanks to the optional language courses offered at HIM, I was able to study languages such as French, German, and Spanish which opened alot of doors for me professionally. 

What are some tips you can give current students about language learning?

It's important to know why you want to learn a particular language. For example, I started learning Russian because Russian tourists were an important demographic in the tourism industry when I was working in Singapore.

It's also good to diversify how you learn: don't only memorize what you have seen in class or in a book, but look for online resources such as news, movies, native speaker’s online channels, etc. That will improve your command and love of the language.

Finally, be consistent with the language, before you forget all you have learned and must hit the restart button.

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